VON - How To

Welcome to Keltic Clothing!

We are excited to be able to serve you with the best uniforms and service. Here is a guide on how to use your contract money while shopping online.

First thing is understanding your contract and what you are entitled to:

  • You get $120 (tax included) provided by the province to spend each year.

    • This is a one-time use amount that must be used fully in one transaction

      • If you do not use the full $120 you cannot make a second purchase later on

    • You must follow your contract guidelines when shopping online

  • You also get 20% off you entire order – please use the discount code VON20

    • If you forget, don’t worry. Keltic Clothing will apply this discount automatically.

Contract Guidelines:

  • White scrub tops

  • Navy scrub pants

    • These can be knee length shorts, skirts or capris in warmer seasons – also in navy

  • White or Navy long/short sleeve under-scrubs

  • White or Navy lab jackets or vests

  • ALL tops (scrub top, long/short sleeve, jackets and vests) MUST be labeled with the VON logo and your designation (RN or LPN) underneath

    • This can be done either by a heat pressed stamp ($2.50) or embroidery ($7.00)

When shopping on the website, please select all items you wish to purchase ensuring that you adhere to the contract guidelines. It is recommended to spend at least $120 to ensure you use all of your entitled money. At least $100 before tax must be spend to avoid shipping charges (although the website automatically applies shipped charges for orders under $120, Keltic Clothing will not charge shipping to VON members over $100).

When you place an order on the website, it will put a hold on your card for this amount so it looks like you are charged for the full amount. However, the money doesn’t actually come out until we process the order and manually take the money. When we process your order, we ensure that you are employed by VON, are eligible for the $120 allotment, and that your items meet the contract requirements. We will then only charge the amount you go OVER $120 and the remaining amount on hold on your card will be released 7 days after your purchase.

If you have any further questions, please email info@kelticgroup.ca or call 888-539-6006.